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Who is Janet Malaga? A little About Me!

Hi there and welcome, thank you for visiting. My name is Janet Malaga and I’m a change agent, mentor, leader and certified professional coach, in both professional transformational coaching and coaching teams & groups.  I have over 20+ years of working experience in a variety of industries.

I have a deep passion for collaborating with others, developing and empowering others to grow and achieve sustainable results. I find great joy when others achieve their goals and succeed. Because you are able and you are worth it!

My core values are:

Commitment  |  Honesty  |  Respect  |  Integrity  |  Simplify  |  Trust

I believe in being true to yourself in every way!

If you are someone that plans to take your journey into coaching seriously and willing to give it all you’ve got, then I look forward to getting to know you, collaborate with you & partner with you!
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Onwards & Upwards! 

Janet Malaga Transformational Coach
Janet Malaga ICF Member
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