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Accountability Coaching

Accountability Coaching

An accountability coach guides and supports areas of your life, career or business you want to grow or improve. The aim is to keep you focused, to ensure you’re on track, doing the right thing at the right time based on your goals.

To better understand what accountability coaching is, I’ll describe both words individually.

Accountability means to be held responsible for your actions.
Coaching means to work with someone to achieve their goals.

What to expect from an Accountability Coach:

An accountability coach will set specific, measurable, and realistic goals with you. Follow up with you regularly ensuring you are staying on top of your progress. Reminds you to celebrate your successes. Helps you analyse your setbacks.
Provides support and strategies to improve your performance.

So basically, an accountability coach helps clients stick to their short-term intentions so that they can reach their long-term goals.

Benefits Of Accountability Coaching

This is for you if:

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed.
  • You have trouble focusing.
  • You are not sure where to start.
  • You keep settings goals and plans that you don’t achieve.
  • You don’t often ask for help from people you know.
  • You are someone that easily makes time for others but have difficulty prioritising yourself and your own goals.